Getting here

The Roads of Rocher-Percé  part of the Gaspésie tourist region, on the “Land’s End” point of the peninsula.

The Roads of Rocher-Percé begin when you arrive in Port-Daniel-Gascons (from the west), or in Percé-Saint-Georges-de-Malbaie (from the East). Between these two villages, you have over 125 of coastline to discover!


By car, the renowned “tour of the Gaspésie”

Access the Gaspésie tourist region via its panoramic highway 132, the renowned “tour of the Gaspésie”; it will lead you directly to us.

The “tour of the Gaspésie” is an 885 km loop from Mont-Jolie to Mont-Joli. You may choose the North tour via “The Coast” and “The Haute-Gaspésie”, or the South Tour, via “The Valley” and “The Bay”. Whichever you choose, you will arrive in Percé 400km later.


By Bus

Orléans Express offers bus service with points of service in Chandler and Grande-Rivière.  1 888 999-3977

In order to access other municipalities in the region, including Percé, a local shuttle service is available (by reservation). Its schedule coincides with the bus arrivals and departures..

Shuttle service is offered 7/7. Reservations should be made at least 24 hour in advance. Ticket prices are 3$(cash)/one-way or 1 RéGÎM ticket. To reserve your seat, call 1 877 521-0841 or

* Shuttle service to Percé from the Gaspé bus terminal is also available.


By Plane

Two airline companies offer service to two regional airports near us:
Bonaventure Airport and Gaspé Airport

Air Canada offers service to Gaspé Airport (YGP):
Gaspé Airport: 60, rue de l’Aéroport, Gaspé Tel: 418 368-2104 ext. 8514

Pescan Aviation offers service to Bonaventure Airport (YVB):
Bonaventure Airport: 193, route de la Rivière, Bonaventure Tel: 418 534-2101


By Ferry-Cruise

The CTMA ferry-cruise offers service between Montreal, Chandler and the Magdalene Islands weekly, from June to September. The boat CTMA-Vacancier can transport vehicles as well as passengers. Tel: 1 888 986-3278


Snowmobile and ATV

The roads of Rocher-Percé offer spectacular snowmobile and ATV trails! For trail maps:

*Accessing the Town of Percé by ATV requires a special authorization. A request must be made at least 24 hours before your arrival. For more information, please visit the municipal website: Tel: 1 855 782-5448